「茶御飯東京 – CHAGOHAN TOKYO」Grand Open at Sunday 30th August.

「CHAGOHAN TOKYO」Grand Open at Sunday 30th August.


The concept is “Will spread the splendor of Washoku and Wa-café culture to domestic and overseas ! ”
We produced not only Japanese cuisine cooking experience also Japanese tea experience course for the inbound tourist at Nishi-Asakusa, such as food culture epicenter of Japan.
Then we will launch”CHAGOHAN TOKYO – 茶御飯東京” on 30 August 2015, which features a select shop dealing with Japanese food material, refined tea and such as Japanese table ware… moreover we offer not only Japanese cuisine experience, Wa-cafe experience and dining.
You will learn Japanese cuisine and Japanese tea culture in the kitchen feeling,We will strive to store, such as stir curiosity to Japan !
*WASHOKU = Japanese cuisine, WA-CAFE = Japanese tea.


Why, Nishi-Asakusa?

The location “Nishi-Asakusa” has experienced big development as a city associated with the food industry.
Also here is the largest cook ware specialty shopping street, Along Kappabashi street, lined with a variety of food and beverage stores.
When you cook, or when you drink tea, not true without cook ware and tea. Also such as environment,it was regarded as an important element to enjoy the food and tea for he people.
Moreover here is more calm city block than the Sensoji area which is so-called in the center of typical Asakusa. East to the boundary of Kokusai Street, the west by the boundary Kappabashi street district, coexistence well as long-established shops. Among flowing spacious air, you can indulge in Petit uptown sensation you feel Funwari Japan likeness of ancient times.


Experience Japanese culture with your five senses

We offer Japanese cuisine cooking class during lunch time, Japanese tea serving classes on afternoon, and Japanese cuisine with sake for dinner (advance reservation required). Various cultural events will be also taken place regularly to introduce Japanese traditional culture such as Shamisen or Biwa (Japanese traditional instruments), Rakugo comic storytelling, Sake tasting opportunities etc.



Come on and join us, please come to CHAGOHAN TOKYO.
In addition, optimal space and staff in hospitality,such as foreign customers will be happy to service wholeheartedly.
We CHAGOHAN TOKYO look forward to meeting you all!


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