We Did It! We created a new recipe! Okonomiyaki for VEGETARIAN!

We created a new recipe! Okonomiyaki for VEGETARIAN!

We’ve had a sushi cooking class for vegetarian but not okonomiyaki.

However, today’s customers had asked us to do okonomiyaki with only vegetable.

It was our new challenge. We had started making the new recipe. Made many failures and changed for a better and better many times.

Finally, on one day before guests come, we had succeeded to create the recipe!

On the day when the guests visit, all of them were pleased with the vegetable okonomiyaki VERY MUCH!

We were relieved and felt big happiness!

Thank you very much for giving us a chance to try new challenge!

Everyone, if you have some request for our cooking class, please just contact us!

We are happy to answer you as much as possible.



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