ABOUT CHAGOHAN TOKYO-Japanese Cuisine Cooking Class

Experience Japanese culture with your five senses

The Japanese Cuisine Cooking School, CHAGOHAN TOKYO locates in Kappabashi Kitchen Town close to Asakusa. Here is the best place for foodie & learner who would love to cook authentic WASHOKU, to learn the act of preparing and making MATCHA and to taste Japanese SAKE in English or Japanese at seemly clean Japanese detached house.
With around thirty seats, our shop incorporates a modern design alongside warmth and lighting achieved through use of articles like antique Japanese furnishings, ancient tree-wood and books. We’ ve created a casual space for customers featuring a sort of Kyoto-esque serenity.
In the daytime, guests can enjoy what we call the Japanese Culinary Experience, Sake tasting or Matcha making Experience.
In the evening, guests can reserve a table enjoy some Japanese dishes such as OMAKASE chef’s kitchen, along with carefully selected Japanese saké.
Please feel free to ask us anything !

-As seen on TIMEOUT TOKYO 2016, 88 Things To Do in TOKYO selected by TIMEOUT TOKYO + Les Clefs d’Or JAPAN.
-As only 1 cooking class, we were selected one of things to do in TOKYO
-Offer sophisticated & enjoyable culinary experience at Kappabashi Kitchen Town (*Close to Asakusa)
-Offer OMAKASE chef’s kitchen *Reservation only

Why Kappabashi Kitchen Town, Nishi-Asakusa?

CHAGOHAN TOKYO is located in Kappabashi Kitchen Town,Nishi-Asakusa.
An area that’ s come to take on a huge rule in terms of food. The area boasts the largest shopping district in the country which specializes in cooking, with the street parallel to Kappabashi featuring various food services shops.
When you’ re cooking something or getting a drink of tea, utensils for both purposes are a must.
At CHAGOHAN TOKYO, we know that an important element for the enjoyment of cuisine or tea is the proximity to environments where one can get everything they need for those purposes.
Nishi-Asakusa is not the kind of area you’ d think of as the center of Asakusa (like the area surrounding the Sensōji temple); it’ s a bit more relaxed. The area extends to Kokusai-dōri in the east, and the Kappabashi-dōri shopping district to the west; the area is home to businesses both new and long-established.
The calming environment immerses visitors in a relaxing, Japanese atmosphere that allows one really get a sense for what the Yamanote area is all about.







Japanese antique tableware : Wide selection from a specialist of Japanese pottery, Utsuwa Marukaku in Shibuya, Tokyo.