WA-café Supervisor

Hiromi shows her appreciation to the spiritually enriched life that tea brings to people by working hard every day make the tea lifestyle accessible to anyone and everyone. She’ s been in the business for over ten years and wants to share with others the enchantment offered by a drink that has forged many relationships in her life: Tea. She is a certified Japanese and Chinese tea instructor and a high-quality Chinese tea art instructor and tea taster.

Japanese antique table
ware & shelf supported

Utsuwa maru kaku is dealing with wide range of table ware which is not only antique also modern. People could say that Utsuwa maru kaku must be the table ware shop equipped with gallery function. Moreover Utsuwa maru kaku only do their best to select and buy favorable table ware for consumer satisfaction every day…

Enjoy the best of Asakusa from the comfort of a traditional Japanese rickshaw.

A rickshaw is a two-passenger wagon pulled by your personal guide. It is easy to enjoy the
many sites of Tokyo when you don’t have to walk or buried in your guide book! All tours are customizable so feel free to discuss original routes with your guide. Climb aboard a traditional Japanese rickshaw for an unforgettable view of the Asakusa district in Tokyo. Your knowledgeable guide will steer you to some of Tokyo’s many iconic sites, districts, temples and shrines while illuminating the history behind them all. Enjoy scenic views of maple and cherry trees, gardens, soaring skyscrapers, and traditional businesses. If you’re looking for a carefree, customizable way to see Tokyo,
this is it.

《Tokyo fashion》 is the free paper magazine which has been transmitting information about Japanese cultural trends to china.

Attractive points of JAPAN were taken up in 10 different fields, Fashion, Tourism, Electronics, Entertainment, Social situation, Cars, Games, Educations, Publishing, Employments, for over 10 years since its first issue in 2000.

Our inbound tourism brand 《Be-You》 is linked with TF, therefore the original plan that Japanese trends were taken in is the feature.

Rental kimono shop “shim” in Asakusa Tokyo Japan.

Shim opened in Asakusa Tokyo in August 2015 by two male creators studied fashion design and clothing production in Australia.

They started rental kimono service to spread this beautiful japanese kimono culture to all over the world.

Shim also design and produce bags and clothes use of vintage kimono & obi fabric and selling them in their shop in Asakusa.


Photography by

Such as brochure production of major domestic automobile manufacturers in JAPAN, also assisted creative div of SUNTORY corp, then went independent from 1990 around.
Mizuho is also an alpinist who achieved first ascent carriers in the Himalayas mountain areas.
2003 To the east is west from Russia and Vladivostok was spelled crossing record in the car to Portugal, Cabo da Roca “Eurasia crossing 15,000 kilometers” book published. “Tsurukame RA and (former name: necklace g)” from also taking advantage of 2001 to the carrier of product development a variety of shooting performance at home and abroad gave birth also their production sold and industry long products. “Cherish the detail, more beautiful, more accurate” and established himself as a commercial photographer as a theme.

Water drop mark co.,ltd
Minami-Aoyama 1-23-13,Minato-ku TOKYO
Tel: 03-5411-1330

Cooking table manufactured by
Sundance Woodworks

Located in west side of TOKYO, Inagi-shi. Ms.Sano & Mr.Hashimoto are the craftsman also managing this studio which is well-known for custom-made furniture production. It is their policy to produce furniture basis on each client’s requests by integrated method of production from scratch. Whatever clients needs, they would meet expectations… By careful and substantial quality, they would finish the works as the specialist of manufacturer.

1197 Momomura, Inagi-shi, TOKYO
Tel: 042-378-4749