【EVENT INFO : Nov. 26th on Saturday】”Sake Cup” paring with Sake ~An Evening to Enjoy Sake and Crafts~

[Information] Date : November 26th on Saturday
Doors open 4:45p.m.
Time : 5 :00p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Venue : Chagohan Tokyo (1F 2-17-13 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo)
Admission: 16,500 yen (tax included) ※Includes special offer!!
Book & Payment : following link

We are happy to announce that we will hold the event of “Sake Cup” paring with Sake~An Evening to Enjoy Sake and Crafts~for guests to choose their favorites from traditionally made sake cups of wood, metal, ceramics, or glass and enjoy pairing them with sake. There will be served more than 6 types of carefully selected sake, all of which sake aficionados will know and including rare types such as sparkling and aged matured sake.
You could enjoy them chilled, warmed, or at room temperature and enjoy changing cups and ways of drinking to match the characters of the sake. We will also feature unique Japanese sake containers such as the tin made Saketanpo and glass made Kanbin used for warmed sake.

Special offer to all participants will be given to those who attended this event, rainbow-colored glass Hizen Vidro, which is a traditional craft of Saga Prefecture.

※Please be sure to check the cancellation policy as following link.


利き〝酒器〟の会 ~工芸で日本酒を愉しむ夕べ~
開場:16 : 45
(東京都台東区西浅草2-17-13 1F)
参加費:16500円 ※お土産付き





* 予期せぬ不都合が直前に発生する可能性があるとは思いますが、キャンセルの趣旨を日本時間の2週間前(14日間以前)までにお知らせいただければ、無料でキャンセルされます。2週間を切ってキャンセルする必要がある場合は、50%が請求されます(開催日の13〜7日前)か、開催日7日より前の場合には100%が請求されます。いかなる理由においても返金は致しかねます。御了承くださいませ

Organizer : 職人圖鑑
Co-organizer : 茶御飯東京

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