Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wondering what to expect when you attend a class at Chagohan Tokyo, we have most of your questions answered right here!

If you still have a question that is not mentioned below, please enter your information, email address and question on our Contact Us page and we’d be happy to follow up with you.

Prices include the cooking class, ingredients, utensils, apron rental fee, water, recipes to get back home. Taxes are included. Provided services may vary depending on the group size.

If you have any food allergies, if you are a vegetarians/vegans, if you have religious conditions like HALAL, KOSHER… Please be sure to let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you with alternative ingredients. and We are experienced in handling requests from vegan and vegetarian guests, and can also prepare halal and kosher friendly ingredients. Basically we use food ingredients and spices, No Additives, No MSG.

Class sizes are different depends on the class menus. 

Basically, we have up to 6 to 12 people for all classes. If you are group of more than 13 people or more, please let us know before booking.  We will design the classes tailored to your requests as much as possible. As our achievement so far, we did classes at a group of 50 people at once(we have to change venue to offer the class, or ask you to divide your group in two or three groups).

Unless you have explicitly requested and paid for a private class, the class might be shared with other participants. The class environment is lively and upbeat, and most of our guests enjoy sharing the class with others. 

However, if for whatever reason you prefer to book out the class just for you and your group privately, this is also possible. 

Unless otherwise specified, payment will be settled in advance.  If booking via our website, we accept VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS and PayPal to make a booking online.

In cases where we have agreed to accept payment onsite on the lesson day, we also take Japanese yen at shop, but not any foreign currencies. Travelers checks are also unavailable. We accept cash (JPY only) and VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards. 

We will buy all the groceries and provide you with all the cooking utensils you’ll need. We also have aprons for you to use while cooking. You just have to bring the energy enthusiasm to enjoy it!

However we recommend that guests who would like to enjoy purchasing some cooking utensils or cutleries etc at the neighborhood shops located in Kappabashi kitchen ware street need to bring your passport to make your shopping duty free.

Our cooking classes is open to all, and everyone is welcome regardless of your level of experience, whether you are a complete beginner or an expert chef.  For most lessons, you will need to handle a knife and fire. If you do not feel confident to carry out any of the instructions, please do not hesitate to tell us so we can assist you. 

With the exceptions of our approval, unfortunately, we are not able to send food home with you. We ask that you please enjoy the food here at the classroom.  

As a general rule, advance reservations must be made via the web or through an agent or hotel concierge. If you show up unexpectedly without a reservation just before the class time, you will not be able to attend the class on the day and we will not be able to accommodate you.

Therefore, we ask that reservations for cooking classes be made at least one day in advance. (Some classes may require reservations several days in advance.) We appreciate your understanding.

However, you are welcome to visit us in person to check on last-minute reservations. We will do our best to accommodate last minute reservations other than the class on the day.

*Last minute phone calls before the class cannot be accepted due to our class preparation. Thanks for your understanding. 

Please be fully aware that too last-minute booking inquiries are likely to cause those who have already booked a cooking class to wait longer than necessary on the day.

The market tour is designed only for participants of the cooking session <Local fish market strolling & Nigiri Sushi Class>, so places are booked only for them.

We do not allow for free observations except any special cases or pre-approved with media.  Therefore any accompanying individuals would need to book the lesson as well.  If they are not planning to participate in the class, please inform us in advance so we can prevent food loss of unused ingredients. 

Of course.  We welcome families with children, and look forward to helping you create memorable moments together! We offer free for children under the 3 years old.

We welcome accompanying children of all ages!   As per our terms and conditions, please note that those under 16 must be accompanied by a guardian, and We ask that children are closely supervised at all times. At our discretion, we may choose to ask the parents or guardians to handle certain parts of the cooking process that involve sharp knives or fire.

Please inform us while booking of the ages of your children.  Because children under the 3 years old can come to class free of charge, but please note when booking, children 3 and older must be booked as adults. Therefore please note that no children’s discounts are available at our shop. 

As a general rule, we do not permit beverages or food purchased outside to be brought in. We do make room for exceptions for special occasions, so please contact us in advance with any requests. There will be a surcharge for each approved bottle.   

Yes, you can! Please contact us for a tailor-made private cooking class by email to ” “. We’ll design a private classes tailored to your needs and tastes. So you can enjoy a fantastic tailor-made cooking class. Then you will be required at least 66000 JPY per person for this class. Also, we will ask you another fee when you request high class ingredients or they are rarely offered in markets.

Unfortunately sometimes it happens… 

But if you made a reservation for the wrong date, we regret to inform you that it is not possible to change your reservation to another date. 

Because we have already prepared all of food material and pre-preparation for the customer who booked our class even though no show then.

Specifically, for example if customer made a reservation for July 2nd (JPT) at 11:00AM though, the customer come to our shop the next day at 11:00AM (JPT), we will not be able to change your schedule. This case is No Show. 

Or if the customer suddenly come on the 1st (JPT) the day before and ask us I have to leave Japan today though, we will not be able to change your re-schedule. we have to consider the other guest’s convenience as well and this case will be unexpected incident for us on the day. So we can not make it as you expect.

Therefore, we ask that you confirm the date and time of your reservation well in advance and confirm the date and time in the confirmation e-mail.  If you find a date and time that is not in accordance with your plan, please contact us immediately.

However, we cannot make any guarantees to change your booking regarding bookings of last-minute or on the day. Also If you want to cancel our class in the last minutes, based on cancellation policy we will charge cancellation fee. Please refer our cancellation policy. 

Unfortunately, we have had only one customer in the past who complained that he/she had made a reservation on the wrong date and time due to our booking system failure. 

However, the customer did not show us any proof of our negligence and asked for a refund in front of other customer, thus obstructing our business… 

Of course we had nothing wrong with our booking system… 

As a host, we have a responsibility to ensure that we do not cause any inconvenience to the operation of the restaurant or disadvantage to other guests.If this is the case now, we will check the evidence and confirm the fact that we have disadvantaged the customer. If we are unable to do so, under no circumstances will we accept a refund or reschedule. Thank you for your understanding.

You can book your place on the internet. (Please use our website booking form. → )

Approximate class duration times are listed on the booking pages of the respective classes, but you can generally expect most of our class durations to range between two to three depending on the class. 

Please note that these are estimates which include the time you will take to enjoy your meal. Actual class durations may vary depending on a number of factors, including the number of people booked for a certain day and the experience levels of the participants. Seldom, but occasionally, class times may lag slightly longer than planned. 

Therefore we will not be able to help you if you ask us to finish early, especially if you have an impending flight to catch or a time for your next activity… We recommend that you plan your schedule well in advance after our service.

Your understanding in advance is appreciated. 

I would be our pleasure to assist in creating a memorable occasion for you. Please let us know the nature of the occasion in advance and your budget, and we will do our best to help you plan a memorable surprise.

Yes, we do ! But if you would like to take the class privately, optional cost will occur, please refer our private class page and price rate including exceptions.

Basic classes, Vegan class and How to enjoy Japanese sake -An orientation 

We can accommodate a private class for just you and your group at the below prices, any class can be selected among basic classes, a vegan class and How to enjoy Japanese sake -An orientation :

  • * 1 person – 3 persons : 66000 JPY total including taxes regardless of number of participants
  • * 4 persons : 74800 JPY total including taxes 
  • * 5 persons : 93500 JPY total including taxes
  • * 6 persons : 112000 JPY total including taxes
  • * From 7 persons to maximum regular capacity for respective classes: 

– Fees indicated for respective classes × Number of participants.  

– No extra fees needed to ensure private class. 

– Just specify your wish for a private class during the booking process. 

Tea ceremony class  <Available only for private group>

Private tea ceremony class is subject to the below prices:

Tea ceremony class:  

  • * 1-5 persons : 25300JPY total, regardless of number of participants
  • * From 6 persons to maximum regular capacity for this class: 

– Fees indicated for respective classes × Number of participants

– No extra fees needed to ensure private class. 

– Just specify your wish for a private class during the booking process. 


In general,  our basic classes, most of cooking process are shared with all participants who attend a same class. We hope you enjoy doing group work. You can share the work, ideas, experience, and the fun with other guests and we believe the sharing experience will bring you happy and unforgettable day! 

Basically advance booking & payment required. Please contact us if you’d like to get further information of your request such as last minutes booking, private class or private party.

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