Who we are ?

CHAGOHAN TOKYO located in Kappabashi kitchen town, Asakusa is cooking classes which offers not only Japanese cooking experience also tea and sake .

Located in the Kappabashi neighborhood of the historic Asakusa neighborhood of Tokyo, Chagohan Tokyo is the best place for food lovers who want to learn to make authentic and soulful Washoku, enthusiasts eager to experience the depth of Japanese Tea and connoisseurs seeking to explore the variety and nuances offered by Sake.

Accommodating up to thirty people at a time, our space incorporates both modern and traditional design elements to create a relaxing environment. 

We aim to provide a serene ambience with indirect lighting and antique furnishings that will make you feel right at home. 

Japanese philosophy embraces the concept of ichigo-ichie : that each and every encounter is serendipitous, and should be cherished as it will never occur again. We warmly invite you to drop by for a unique, immersive, and unforgettable experience at Chagohan Tokyo. 

Shop master is not only handmade buckwheat soba noodle artisan also familiar with Japanese cuisine closely related to soba, tea and sake specialist.

Guests can enjoy what we call the Japanese culinary experience, sake tasting or Japanese tea making experience.  


Since our shop’s establishment, we have been teaching not only Japanese people, but also about 5,000 overseas guests from over 120 countries a year, with instructions given in English.
We have not only held many popular Japanese culinary classes in English also how to make and enjoy matcha, the most popular green tea in Japan, and it’s cultural history through Chagohan Tokyo.

The owner of Chagohan Tokyo is well versed in food culture and production and distribution, including food ingredients and cooking experiences from around the world cultivated through the food trade.
We also welcome events and collaborations related to food culture. Please let us know.

Masa & Junko

About Shop owners

Masahito Hirano

Graduation & Completion

  • B.A in Tourism, Rikkyo University
  • M.B.A in Finance, Rikkyo University Graduate School
  • Completed Hospitality Management Program, Institute of Tourism Research, Rikkyo University
  • Completed Horticulture Technician Program, Chiba University
  • Completed Practical Sake Tasting Program, National Japan Brewers Association
  • Completed Level 3 of the Agricultural diversification, Food Producer Program


  • Certified Japanese Tea Instructor, Japan Tea Instructors Association〔Japanese Tea Industry Qualification 〕
  • Certified Handmade Soba Artisan, Completed Edo Tokyo Soba-no-Kai Professional Course

*After trained by elite Sarashina Soba chef, also has been given the goodwill of a prestigious soba school, Edo Tokyo Soba-no-Kai.


  • A member of Rikkyo University Tourism Club
  • A supporting member of Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau

Junko Inoue

Graduation & Completion

  • B.A in Art & Design, Bunka Gakuen University
  • M.B.A in Human Resources, Rikkyo University Graduate School
  • Completed Hand-Crafted bread artisan course
  • Completed Level 3 of the Agricultural diversification, Food Producer Program


  • Certified Japanese Tea Advisor,  Japan Tea Instructors Association
  • Obtained a curator’s certificate at Bunka Gakuen University
  • Food Hygiene Officer


  • A supporting member of Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau

CHAGOHAN TOKYO offer the following types of washoku cooking classes

Basic classes that can be enjoyed as shared class at any time.


If you need to have your space for you and your group privately…


Get to know each other, reward your team, bond with your team